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Monthly Archives: August 2015

10 Funny Things Dental Patients Have Said

Laughter is the best medicine, even at the dentist’s office. We compiled a list of funny things that dental patients have said. 1. Pediatric patient on the way out the door, "I just got my teeth cleaned; I don't need to brush them anymore!" 2. After one dental patient had wisdom teeth out, she was

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Historical (Antique) Dental Tools

Dentistry has come a long way. After looking at some of these tools, it's no wonder people were scared to go to the dentist! While we use state-of-the-art technology and tools at our office in New Smyrna Beach, we wanted to share a little bit of information on how far the field of dentistry has

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History of Dental Anesthesia

Through most of time, there was no record of dental anesthesia. Teeth were removed in a barbaric way with a chisel and a mallet and then progressed to forceps thousands of years later. OUCH! Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) was experimented with in the 1790s by a British chemist. It became the most popular form of

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10 Facts About Dentistry Through the Ages

1. The cause of dental decay was listed as “tooth worms” in Sumerian scripts dated 5000 B.C. 2. Around 200 A.D., gold crowns and bridges were used in dentistry by the Etruscans. 3. In China around 700 A.D., the first silver paste “fillings” were used. 4. The Father of Modern Dentistry is Pierre Fauchard, a

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