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The Worst Halloween Candy For Your Teeth


Halloween is upon us once again, and with other holidays approaching, sometimes candy eating is rampant. Here is a list of the worst candies for your teeth:

1. Chewy candy – Comprised of mostly sugar, chewy candy such as caramel, candy corn, and Starburst can stick to molars and cause tartar buildup.

2. Lollipops – Whether they are plain or with a gum or tootsie roll center, lollipops are generally made with sticky corn syrup. Again, all of these ingredients stick to teeth, cause bacteria to build up and cause tooth decay.

3. Sour candies – Besides their sugar content, sour candies also contain high levels of acid which erodes the enamel. It is also recommended to wait about 30 minutes before brushing after eating sour candies.

The best options for your teeth when it comes to Halloween candy is to stick to non-sugary types and natural dark chocolates.

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