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Natural Ways to Make Your Teeth Whiter

If you cannot afford professional teeth whitening, there are ways to do it yourself naturally.

1. Avoid wearing lipsticks with yellow undertones. Instead, while it doesn’t actually whiten your teeth, colors with blue undertones help to make teeth appear whiter.

2. Eating strawberries and crunchy vegetables such as apples and carrots helps to whiten teeth. Strawberries contain a natural astringent that whitens teeth and vitamin C that helps clear away plaque.

3. For coffee drinkers, applying a coat of Vaseline to your teeth prior to drinking can help eliminate stains by protecting them.

4. Brush your teeth with a tooth whitening toothpaste after drinking, eating, or smoking. This is especially after stain producing food and drinks. Coffee, wine, and dark berries are big culprits.

5. Brush your teeth with two parts apple cider vinegar and one part baking soda, especially after drinking coffee or wine and other stain causing foods and drinks. Apple cider vinegar can be a very good option for teeth whitening over a period of weeks. It also aids in eliminating bad breath.

6. Use a teaspoonful of coconut oil as a mouthwash for five to 15 minutes a day. Coconut oil is a natural teeth whitener and a natural antibacterial agent.

7. Use an activated charcoal that is designed to help whiten teeth. Usually sold in health stores, it’s odorless and tasteless.

At Atlantic Dental in New Smyrna Beach, we offer professional teeth whitening if these natural ways are not working for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.