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New Age Dentistry Techniques to set aside your fears and apprehensions.

New Age Dentistry Techniques to set aside your fears and apprehensions.
The thought of sitting on a dental chair with mouth wide open for the dentist to examine can be frightening for many. While we all brush our teeth regularly, it’s essential to get regular checkups done to ensure cavities, tooth decay’s and other major dental issues are kept at bay.
Many amongst us ignore the oral health care regime. We fail to understand that taking good care of our teeth and gums is very important for an overall healthy body. Neglecting dental health can not only lead to bad breath and painful cavities but can also open doors for all kind of dental problems.

Oral Hygene
Tooth decay
Tooth decay typically happens due to bacterial growth in the nerve tissue of the teeth. This can be very painful and requires an immediate visit to a dentist. The process of curing such decay’s is called root canal treatment. Dentists use sedation for this process so as to make the whole procedure less painful. They do a thorough cleaning of the affected teeth, then do fillings and finally complete the procedure by sealing it with a crown. At Atlantic Family Dentistry in New Smyrna Beach, you can find some of the best dentists who use modern and technologically advanced tools to eliminate perceived dental fears.
Sedation dentistry
Most of us get tensed at the mention of visiting a dentist. With sedation dentistry, now you can leave your fears aside. This method of dentistry helps patients to relax during the entire dental procedure. This is a quick method used to sedate the patient by using pharmacological agents and enable the patient to stay calm and relax during dental procedures. Hence it is also referred to as “sleep dentistry”. You can consult your family dentist for more information on the processes involved.
Amongst many sedation methods used in dentistry, the IV sedation is the most commonly used. Under the IV sedation dental care, a sedative drug is injected through veins making it more effective and the process of sedation much quicker. During this process the patient becomes completely relaxed but is conscious enough to respond to the dentist. Most of the patients remember little or nothing about their appointment and dental procedure by the next day.

IV Sedation
Restorative Dentistry Services
Aptly called as ‘Oral Rehabilitation’, restorative dentistry involves diagnosis and comprehensive management of diseases affecting the teeth and its supporting structures. Restorative dentistry is used for patients who have complex dental needs and need to be operated for correcting cleft lip, injuries to teeth, face or even mouth. The sedation dental care procedures are used mostly during these techniques. Our New Smyrna Beach office has some of the best dentistry staff who are experts in premium restorative dentistry services.
For that perfect smile
Nowadays people have become more conscious about their appearances and hence are going in for cosmetic dentistry treatments and IV sedation dental care has definitely made the process easy. The cosmetic treatments include teeth whitening, composite bonding, porcelain veneers and crowns, dental implants, tooth color fillings, reshaping and using orthodontic aligners. At Atlantic Family Dentistry in New Smyrna Beach, you can find highly skilled dentists who can give you that confidence and reason for a perfect smile.

Healthy Smile

So if a long pending visit to the dentist has been doing rounds in your mind, then don’t wait any further and setup your dental appointment with Atlantic Family Dentistry in New Smyrna Beach – One of the most trusted names in the region. Our professional dental services would definitely give you a great dental experience and set aside your fears and apprehensions.