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New Smyrna Beach’s Surf’s Up

Central Florida’s coast is home to some of the best swells on America’s Atlantic shore. The high tides and warm winds privy to New Smyrna Beach specifically draw local surfers and tourists alike to the consistently crashing waves. A long string of rocks juts out slightly south New Smyrna Beach’s forming the area’s famous jetty. Coastal geographers proclaim the jetty to be the reason for the constant succession of swells that are always a few feet higher than the surrounding areas.
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The jetty has also caused the sand along New Smyrna’s coast to shift into numerous sand bars along the shore, adding to the quality waves of the area. Beach goers abound watching the surfers ride the notoriously gnarly waves. Unfortunately, the sand bars are not only home to the tubular swells, but also frequently haunted by sharks. New Smyrna Beach has been named the shark bite capital of the world several years running in the Guinness Book of World Records.
While the surf crowd enjoys Florida’s best surf spot, it is daunted by more shark bites than anywhere else in the world. Surfers and beach goers always need be cautious of the looming sharks of New Smyrna Beach.
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