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Let us be Your Local Family Dentist

Let us be Your Local Family Dentist

Are you in search of a new family dentist? Have you just moved into the New Smyrna Beach area? Or are you simply frustrated by the type of “care” you receive from your dentist? Atlantic Family Dentistry is your ideal family dentist in New Smyrna Beach, led by Dr. Steven Mitchell. We are happy to provide complete dental protection for your entire family. Thus, our service range covers the entire dental needs of your family.

How we Take Care of Kids at our Dental Office

Children generally require a little more tender care than adults. It’s also easy for them to get frustrated by your efforts to treat and care for them. As you probably are already aware, it is highly necessary to take care of your kid’s tooth at this stage of their life. Proper dental care shapes children’s smiles now and for the rest of their lives.

At Atlantic Family Dentistry, our highly qualified and experienced dentists are always available to examine your kid’s teeth. We are always sure to render an outstanding service, keeping it fun and pleasant for your kid. We are committed to keeping updated with the technical and technological advancements of the dental industry, while applying our most tested and trusted knowledge garnered from experience over the years.

It’s important for your child to be calm through the process, so we take no exception to your following him all the way. We ensure that your kid understands the need for proper dental hygiene and care, and what is needed to achieve this. For this to work, we adopt a tell-and-show approach that grabs your kid’s attention, resonates with him, and sticks to mind.

Why it’s Best for the Entire Family to Come to One Dentist

Having a single dentist for your entire family is invaluable. Here’s why:

  • Imagine having to drive around town for individual visits to different dentists. Or having to book dental appointments on separate days for you and your kids. It’s not only time consuming, it’s expensive. By having a family dentist, you save yourself the stress that accompanies not having one.
  • No age limit. This goes without saying. The varied equipment available at a family dentistry eliminates all age barrier. It is well suited to the young – keeping them comfortable, and is set up with the elderly in mind.
  • Lifelong family care. Jumping from our dentist to another can be a very difficult experience. Having a family dentist keeps you covered for your lifetime. It also covers your children for their lifetime. Importantly, it harmonizes your record and identical, hereditary problems are easily spotted.
  • Friendly, Personal Care. A family dentist easily builds a close relationship with the family. The family dentist gets to understand you and your peculiar need, and how to care for them. A personal relationship allows you ask personal oral questions you might not have felt comfortable asking just

We Treat You Like Family

Dr. Steven Mitchell of Atlantic Family Dentistry in New Smyrna Beach, and his team of qualified, experienced dentists await your call. Our customer service is family friendly, with special attention given to you and your kids. By making us your family dentist, you become part of our family. It is our desire that each and every member of this family is properly cared for. And you’ll easily see our care radiate in your every smile.