Benefits of Getting In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

Are you aware of the benefits of getting in-office teeth whitening New Smyrna Beach FL treatment? Aside from the fact that you’ll have your teeth whitened by an experienced dental professional, in-house tooth whitening also offers convenience and quicker results compared to over-the-counter whitening options that may include whitening mouthwashes, toothpaste, gel strips, and trays.

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What are the Benefits of Getting In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Your Teeth Will Be Properly Assessed

Getting your teeth whitened in a dental office means that you’ll get a proper assessment before the dentist decides how to restore your dazzling white smile. There’s nothing like having a qualified dental expert to check your teeth and recommend a whitening treatment that’s tailor-fitted according to your needs. Some patients may only be required to have their teeth cleaned and scaled instead of whitened.

Moreover, teeth whitening isn’t advisable for patients who have unhealthy teeth and gums because the procedure will only cause further damage to their oral health. Also, this type of treatment will not be helpful for those who have internally discolored teeth due to advanced age and medication because no teeth whitening product can manage to whiten their teeth.

Furthermore, a patient who has dental fillings, crowns, or has had any type of dental work done would require a customized tooth whitening treatment that only a dentist can provide. In case you’re not aware, these precise restorations don’t respond to such treatments.

You’ll Get Quicker Results

In-house tooth whitening procedures usually take about 1 to 2 hours. The duration of the process depends on the treatment option and the amount of bleaching that your teeth would require. Patients who don’t choose to make use of the halogen light to quicken the bleaching process may need a few visits to get their desired results.

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Ready to Try In-House Teeth Whitening New Smyrna Beach FL?

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