Can Anyone Get Their Teeth Whitened?

Was there a time when you ask yourself why certain people seem to have the whitest teeth? Most likely, they’ve received some dental help to retain that brilliant smile. Multiple products on teeth whitening in New Smyrna Beach, FL have been introduced to the market as a result of advancements in oral health. So, how will you know if teeth whitening treatments are right for you? Let’s look at the factors below. 

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Cause of Yellow Teeth and Who Are Good Candidates

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

If you’re a young patient with tooth discoloration, it’s likely that your diet and behaviors have led your teeth to turn yellow. Discoloration can be caused by dark liquids like red wine and sodas. Coffee is also a major cause of tooth staining. Other oral habits, such as tobacco usage, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption can also cause yellow stains. 

Candidates For Teeth Whitening

The right candidates for professional teeth whitening are those who consume food and beverages that cause yellowing on a regular basis. This includes regular coffee or soda drinkers, as well as tobacco users. Red wine and other dark alcoholic beverages may also aid, but because wine is highly acidic, you need to be cautious of your enamel. 

May Only Get Teeth Whitening in Certain Circumstances

Internal causes that may contribute to tooth discoloration or yellowing include:   

  • Pregnancy and Age Concerns 

Children under the age of 16 should not have their teeth whitened. More so, teeth whitening for patients who are 75 years old and older or those having thin enamel may not be the greatest choices. Nonetheless, these patients could benefit from dental crowns or veneers. 

  • Patients With Exposed Roots, Cavities, and Gum Disease 

Teeth whitening products are designed to penetrate and dissolve stains. This means the remedy has the potential to intensify cavities and decays. The solution may cause further sensitivity and damage since exposed roots have no enamel covering. In some circumstances, patients may be candidates for alternative periodontal treatments, including dental crowns or veneers. 

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Where Can I Find Quality Teeth Whitening in New Smyrna Beach, FL?

The experts at Atlantic Family Dentistry can drastically improve the shade of your smile with a professional whitening treatment. Get a hold of our dental team to know more! 

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