Root Canal Treatment

While many people are nervous about having their first root canal done, we can assure you that this procedure is safe and routine. A root canal is how your dentist can stop an infection underneath the tooth, and keep it from spreading causing the tooth to fall out. Root canals are a great way to preserve natural teeth and reduce the need for implant replacements. Root canals are typically completed in one session using sedation to make the procedure more comfortable.

The Root Canal Process

Once your dentist has confirmed the existence of an infection in the pulp of a tooth, a small hole is drilled through the top of the tooth and into the cavity. This allows your dentist to remove all of the infected pulp and replace it with a sterile sealant that will stop the infection in its tracks. The hole is covered using a bonding material, and the tooth is saved. Now the infection will not spread and the jawbone is preserved.

Why Get a Root Canal?

  • Preserves the Tooth

  • Prevents Extraction

  • Prevents Implants

  • Stops Infection

  • Sedation Options Available

  • Routine Procedure

If you think you may have a severe infection in any of your teeth or gums, call our office immediately. Atlantic Family Dentistry is here to help you restore your smile and bring back your confidence.

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