Can You Sleep with Dentures In?

It’s time! You finally got your brand-new, sparkling dentures after a bit of a journey! But you might have a lot of questions about your new dentures in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Is always sleeping with dentures a smart idea, or is it something you should avoid?

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The Advantages of Removing Dentures at Night

Prevents Bone Loss

Putting your dentures away at night has a lot of positive health effects, including bone loss prevention. The pressure on your gums created by dentures and the underlying bone can expedite bone resorption.

Guarantees a More Precise Fit

Not wearing your dentures at night ensures a more precise fit. When used more often, they may become looser than usual due to bone loss and gum resorption. This increases the risk of slippage and limits the types of food you can eat.

Prevents Germ and Bacterial Growth

Bacteria thrive in the area where your dentures and gums meet, which causes foul breath in the morning and may eventually lead to gum disease. It’s best you know that you deprive your gums of a restful, bacteria-free night’s sleep by wearing your dentures.

Diminishes Gum Inflammation

Sleeping with dentures can obstruct and impair the flow of saliva, which can lead to a condition known as denture stomatitis. The region under your dentures may become red and swollen due to this condition, which can result in inflamed and infected gums.

dentures new smyrna beach fl

Care Tips for Dentures in New Smyrna Beach, FL

No matter what kind of dentures you have, sleeping with them is never a good idea and can lead to many health problems. Make sure to take out your dentures every night before bed to keep your bones strong and intact, gums healthy, and mouth free of bacteria. Call us!

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