3 Things that Make Dental Sealants Awesome

You’re probably aware that anyone can get a cavity. If left untreated, these cavities can lead to a nerve infection or a dental abscess, and you could end up losing your teeth. Thanks to dental sealants in New Smyrna Beach FL, you can prevent these cavities from taking over your teeth. Dental sealants or fissure sealants are a plastic coating that the dentist applies in liquid form to teeth that are more vulnerable to decay.

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What are the 3 Things that Make Dental Sealants Awesome?

They Protect Your Enamel

Did you know that each time you eat sugary foods and drinks, the sugar reacts with the bacteria in your mouth and forms an acid that weakens your tooth enamel? In case you’re not aware, the enamel refers to the hard, outermost covering of your teeth. When the acid repeatedly attacks the enamel, tooth decay will eventually take form until it develops into a cavity. With dental sealants, you won’t have to worry about cavities because they protect your enamel.

They’re Long Lasting

Although dental sealants aren’t considered as a permanent form of tooth protection, it can last for a decade if you take excellent care of it. If you have dental sealants, you’ll need to see your dentist at least twice a year to ensure that cracks, chips, or wears in your dental sealants are promptly fixed or replaced.

They Make it Easier for You to Clean Your Teeth

Your premolars and molars are the ones that do all the chewing, grinding, and crushing when you’re enjoying your food. To make their job more comfortable, they have deep fissures and pits that make brushing and flossing a little tricky. With dental sealants that work to seal these grooves, food is kept from getting trapped between your molars. In other words, you won’t have a hard time cleaning your teeth.

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