Is It Painful to Undergo Oral Surgery?

Nobody enjoys having surgery. Dental professionals know that after oral surgery New Smyrna Beach, the uncertainty accompanying eating, drinking, sleeping, and other activities can be overwhelming.

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Does Oral Surgery Hurt?

Priority Goals of Dentists

The top goals of dentists are your security, comfort, and quality of treatment. They go over several anesthetic alternatives every time they tell you to get oral surgery. Reliable dental professionals provide trustworthy anesthetic solutions so you can feel comfortable throughout your procedure.

The pain of jaw surgery is not as bad as you think. Because you will receive a general anesthetic, the surgery will numb the affected area. And if you take the proper recovery precautions that your dentist suggests, you’ll heal with the least amount of suffering possible.

There may be some discomfort following oral surgery. The most frequent problems are mild to moderate discomfort, edema, and brief numbness.

Healing or Recovery

During the healing or recovery period, maintaining good dental health is essential. You’ll be informed by your dentist or oral surgeon when it’s okay to wash your teeth and rinse your mouth.

It’s also crucial to maintain a clean tongue throughout this period. This includes practices like brushing after meals, washing with warm water, and avoiding putting food near the surgery site. It’s crucial to keep up with the cleaning because trapped food may irritate or infect.

At this stage, eating soft foods is recommended. Even though you may be craving a big, juicy burger, returning to your regular eating routine too soon will affect the surgery site. Instead, consider sticking to soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, Jello, soup, and smoothies.

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Ready to Get an Oral Surgery in New Smyrna Beach?

It’s essential to keep in mind that your discomfort will decrease every day following surgery. If it increases, something may be wrong.

You’ll quickly recover from your oral surgery if you choose a reliable and skilled oral surgeon and attentively comply with recovery instructions. Schedule an appointment with us!

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