What You Can Expect from a Tooth Restoration

Unlike any other tooth-replacement solutions, learning about the various stages of dental implants New Smyrna Beach will help you prepare and achieve a successful treatment. Here’s an idea of what happens during dental implant treatment.

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What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants

Treatment Planning and Placement

Once you have chosen a dentist, the first stage is to plan your treatment. You will undergo a comprehensive examination to determine whether you need other dental treatments before you have implant oral surgery new smyrna beach. For instance, your dentist will have to remove tartar or plaque from the surface of your teeth because implants should be placed into a clean and healthy mouth. Additionally, dental implants in New Smyrna Beach require sufficient bone density to be successful. Hence, you may also be required to undergo bone grafting if you have a bone deficiency.

As soon as your teeth and mouth are clean and it is determined that you have sufficient bone to hold the implants, the next step is the fitting and placement of implants. Your dentist will make a small incision of your gum and drill down your jaw bone. Once the implants are placed, your gum will be stitched back.

Recovery and Fitting of the Abutment

Before the abutment can be fitted, osseointegration must first take place. This is a process where your bone tissue fuses with the implants, providing for a strong and durable platform for the abutment. Once the process is completed and your gums have fully recovered, you’ll have to go back to your dentist and have your abutment fitted.

where can i get dental implants new smyrna beach?

Other Stages of Dental Implants in New Smyrna Beach

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