Difference Between a Root Canal Specialist and an Endodontist

When patients visit our office to get a root canal, most learn the term “endodontist” for the first time. Oral surgeons and orthodontists are dental specialists that are well-known to most people; however, this is not the same for an endodontist or root canal specialist in New Smyrna Beach, FL.   

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All About Root Canal Specialists

What is a Root Canal Specialist?

Root canal specialist is a layman’s term for an endodontist. They are dental experts who have finished at least ten years of college education, including two more years of advanced endodontic training and study beyond a four-year dental school.   

A hospital- or university-based program approved by the American Dental Association provides an additional two or more years of specialty postgraduate study. The diagnosis of diseases and situations that require root canal treatments is emphasized in endodontic training. Likewise, most of an endodontist’s time is spent doing root canals, particularly those involving restricted canals or anatomically unusual situations.    

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the most common reason why people get the services of an endodontist. Although some general dentists know how to perform root canal procedures, they only complete two root canals each week compared to 25 for the average endodontist. Given how frequently endodontists do root canal procedures, they have the expertise, experience, and understanding necessary to handle complex cases and deliver successful endodontic treatments. Moreover, you’ll need to see a root canal specialist if you have already undergone root canal therapy and it becomes reinfected or needs additional treatment.  

Endodontists Can Diagnose Complex Tooth Pain

The root of a terrible toothache is frequently clear-cut and straightforward to identify. When your general dentist cannot remember the source of your dental pain, they may suggest you go to an endodontist for a diagnosis and treatment.   

Endodontists Can Preserve Teeth

Although general dentists provide various services, their main priority is treating the tooth’s crown, which is the area above the gum line. A root canal specialist is skilled in identifying and treating conditions that arise within the tooth.   

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Call a Root Canal Specialist in New Smyrna Beach, FL

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