General Dentistry New Smyrna Beach FL | Difference Between a General and a Family Dentist?

Many people aren’t quite sure if they understand the difference between general dentistry and family dentistry New Smyrna Beach FL. While others think that they’re one and the same, some people automatically assume that both are worlds apart. To set the record straight, check this out:

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General Dentists vs Family Dentists

A Closer Look at the General Dentist

Those who aspire to become general dentists need to complete three years of undergraduate education. Once they’ve received their undergraduate degree, they proceed to dental school in order to complete another four years of education before they can be officially called general dentists. General dentists aim to provide their patients with the care they need to maintain excellent oral health. However, they restrict their patients to a specific age range. For instance, most of them refuse to see patients who are under the age of 16. Furthermore, general dentists usually perform routine dental cleanings, tooth extraction, root canal therapy, and more. They’re also trained to attach dental crowns, veneers, and dentures, depending on the patient’s needs. If a specialized dental procedure is needed, general dentists may collaborate with other specialists to address the patient’s needs and concerns.

What is a Family Dentist?

Aspiring family dentists need to finish their undergraduate education before they can proceed to dental school. They’re only qualified to see patients after they complete four years of education and extensive training. The services that a family dentist offers are similar to those of a general dentist. The only difference between both is that a family dentist provides treatment for patients across all age groups.

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