How Long Will a Same-Day Dental Treatment Take?

Patients and even dentists viewed same-day dental treatment in New Smyrna Beach with skepticism years ago. They were concerned that the quality wouldn’t be as good and that same day dental treatment new smyrna beach would result in hurried, improperly fitting restorations lacking the ideal esthetics. Luckily, it turned out to be a success.

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The Time It Takes for a Same-Day Dental Treatment

Technology Changed People’s Perception

Because technologies and work processes changed, this perception shifted. Patients and dentists who have been hesitant about going digital will now better grasp the streamlined workflow that intra-oral scanners, cone beams, mills, and 3D printers can offer.

They now understand that same-day dentistry offers faster, better, and more precise results than conventional techniques while requiring fewer sessions and shorter treatment times for a better overall patient—and doctor—experience.

Won’t Take Much of Your Vacation Time

Most people nowadays are always juggling numerous tasks. You barely find the time for your dental examination due to your hectic schedule, and now the dentist informs you that you must undergo same-day dental treatment. You fear having to come in for many restoration sessions just because you don’t want to spend all your vacation at the dentist’s office.

However, your dentist then reveals a truly remarkable fact. While you wait, they can create a dental crown in their office. As a result, you can save a significant amount of time and complete the entire operation in only one dental visit.

The Time It Takes for the Treatment to Be Successful

A same-day dental crown may often be created between 60 and 90 minutes. Most dentists will give you the choice of waiting in their clinic or returning later to have the final restoration placed while your dental crown is being made. CAD/CAM systems and milling machines are available.

crowns used in a same-day dental treatment in new Smyrna beach 

Are You in Need of a Same-Day Dental Treatment in New Smyrna Beach?

Your tooth must be prepped before a same-day crown may be applied. If you experience dental anxiety, your dentist may offer different dental sedation and anesthesia levels to keep you comfortable. After that, a dental drill is used to shape and reduce the size of the damaged tooth so that a dental crown may be fitted over the top. This step is essential to ensure the crown won’t alter your bite once it’s in place.

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