How to Address a Broken Front Tooth?

Restorative dentistry in New Smyrna Beach aims to repair or replace severely damaged or missing teeth.  If you accidentally broke a front tooth, you should seek immediate dental care. It will help reduce discomfort, avoid further damages, and prevent complications. Restorative Treatment is also necessary to bring back the appearance and functionality of your front teeth! There are many ways to restore a broken front tooth, and our team is here to guide you through them.

Where can I find restorative dentistry new Smyrna beach?

What are the Different Ways to Restore a Broken Front Tooth?

Dental Veneers

One of the many ways to restore a broken tooth is through veneers. Dental veneers are made from thin, tooth-colored porcelain. They aim to cover the imperfections of teeth and achieve a perfectly beautiful smile. They also offer a protection level so that no harm will come to your tooth or its root.

Dental Crowns

If you broke a large amount of your tooth, you might need a dental crown to restore it. Dental crowns are designed to protect the tooth, preserve its function, and restore its appearance. Your dentist will file away the remaining part of your broken tooth and then cover it with a dental crown.

Root Canal Therapy

When you break your tooth, the damage can sometimes be so severe that it creates an infection in the pulp of your tooth. To treat the infection and stop it from spreading, you may need to undergo root canal therapy. After root canal therapy, your dentist will cover the treated tooth with a dental crown.

Dental Implants

If the crack on your tooth goes beyond the gum line, you may need it removed. But never fear! A dental implant can easily replace an extracted tooth. Dental implants work and look just like your natural tooth. Furthermore, screws act as tooth roots and securely hold the replacement in place. Restorative dentistry in New Smyrna Beach can bring back the confidence in your smile.

Where can I find restorative dentistry new Smyrna beach?

Looking for Restorative Dentistry in New Smyrna Beach?

If your front teeth are broken or damaged and affect your facial appearance, don’t hesitate to seek help from Atlantic Family Dentistry. We offer restorative dentistry that can bring back the confidence in your smile!

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