When to Call an Emergency Dentist

Nobody would want to call for emergency dental services New Smyrna Beach. However, when something happens that would require you to obtain immediate dental treatment, you must make sure that you don’t risk exacerbating the issue. You’ll need to call the emergency dentist right away. Below are some of the most common scenarios that would necessitate emergency dental services New Smyrna Beach

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Possible Scenarios that Require Emergency Dental Care

A Tooth Got Knocked Out

A person whose tooth got completely knocked out must make sure that the tooth is handled as little as possible. For instance, instead of holding the tooth out, it can be put back in its socket instead. Next, swallowing the tooth can be effectively avoided by biting down with moist gauze.

Damage to Tooth Restoration

This could be anything from a dental crown or a filling that has possibly broken or become loose, making it your existing teeth more vulnerable to further damage. Keep in mind that these restorations weren’t merely for cosmetic purposes only. They were also placed to provide support and protection to what’s left of your existing teeth. 

Severe Toothache or Throbbing Gums

Someone who experiences throbbing gums and a severe toothache would need to see an emergency dentist to address an infection, severe tooth decay, or early signs of gum disease. It’s possible for dental pain to go away after a day. However, if the pain persists, the emergency dentist can help determine the underlying cause.

Swelling of the Face

When a person has a tooth infection, an abscess, or trauma, facial swelling will take place. This will necessitate an appointment with an emergency dentist because this could be a symptom of gum disease, vitamin C deficiency, or an impacted wisdom tooth.

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